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Designed By Lucid Architecture, Pigeon Creek Resort in Michigan has a geometric shape INTRODUCING A Unique And Direct Himself as part of a contemporary and modern house. The house is occupied by a single family singer Midst built in the forest for review provides an atmosphere of harmony that blends with nature.

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Pigeon Creek – Wooden House Minimalist

Most Territory Singers big house exterior cedar wood wrapped in the red Yang offset sapele wood Window Frames ON. Warm shades of wood together WITH From Good to the Environment Area. The house walls covered with offset Also wooden WITH A Very Good lighting system so that a modern house Exterior Looks Beautiful singer ON evenings. Similarly ON deck section singer Yang Also houses alike made from cedar, offers Unique attraction BEFORE entering the Main Gate of the house.

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Also the interior looks good and is able to offset the appeal of the exterior of the house. As if not to be outdone, the interior of the house singer designed Very beautiful, modern, and elegant, without eliminating its natural element. The furnishings are modern and minimalist look can blends well with smooth wooden floors and looks shiny.

home design wood pigeon river

Territory-kitchen-kitchen cabinets are equipped WITH The Trendy And look beautiful. Part-kitchen concept Open Self Made WITH, OR Insulation Without Limits WITH NO Surrounding the room as the Family Room. It aims to make room Singer Singer Looks wooden house area and facilitate services while being entertained Room And Close Relatives.

HOUSE Modern design
home design modern wood pigeon river
home design wood pigeon river

ON hearts still part of the house, ceiling Main room in a wooden house High Enough Singer And give Nuance Open, make sure that ALL rooms orangutan The ADA hearts Stay connected To each other, they Yang THERE WAS good at Ground Floor Floor OR differences.

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Glass Window The big and the number Sufficient Many Adding impression The house looks Roomy And Spacious singer. Also addition MAKE IT IN WITH sunlight can freely into the inside, so that the room will look bright and light When the morning, noon, and sick days.

home interior design wood pigeon river

Towards Rear house, wooden house-shaped box Singer looks simple, Match WITH Initial concept. The designer team seems to take advantage of color schemes such as forest The ADA Around the house. Dark black theme, yellow Cool stuff, gray Warm, relaxing blue, and beige Its neutral look Nice And Lovely to review Decorating the interior or exterior of the house.